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No Safe Space: 50,000 Teens Talk About Bullying At School

The Bully Report - 50,000 Teens Talk about Frequent Bullying in Schools

In April of 2012, DoSomething.org partnered with the movie Bully to produce a Facebook app that would allow young people on Facebook to report their bullying experiences at school and share the results. This interactive application required the responses be tied to an existing school, and the school would be graded based on the student’s …

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Frequent Bullying Linked to Lower Test Scores

Frequent bullying is associated with lower test scores

A recent study by researchers at the Curry School of Education suggests that there is a significant impact on the academic performance of students experiencing bullying throughout their high school career. Moreover, the “bullying climate” of a school may be linked to overall student test performance, resulting in lower standardized test scores. In the study, …

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Self-Respect: What Is It? (Infographic)

What underlies bullying? The lack of respect for self and others. How do we keep kids grounded in respect? First we need to know what respect for self looks like. When we respect ourselves, it’s much easier to respect others. Kids grounded in respect won’t bully others to get or maintain friendships and won’t stand …

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Changes In Behavior Can Indicate That Your Child Is Being Bullied

Well-meaning, experienced adults can be standing right in the midst of bullying and be clueless. By the time we do see it, it’s often very late and a lot of damage has already been done. How can we identify – and assist – a child who’s a target of bullying? If we’re lucky, other adults …

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Meet Jacques St. Pierre: 17-Year Old Founder of the “I Will Make It Better” Project to Stop Bullying

Jacques St. Pierre founded "I will Make it Better" to stop bullying

It is spectacular to see a young man inspire his peers at school, and the community at large, with his commitment to bullying prevention.  At just 17, Jacques St. Pierre founded the “I Will Make It Better” Project to stop bullying, organized a school assembly on the topic, and encouraged his peers to pledge to …

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