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How Can Parents Put a Stop to a School Hate Club?

We recently received a query through Twitter asking Lorna’s advice about a “hate club”: “What is the best way to approach a situation where a boy starts a hate club against one girl and class joins – teacher’s aware.” That’s a tough issue for any parent to deal with, especially when the teacher is aware …

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Changes In Behavior Can Indicate That Your Child Is Being Bullied

Well-meaning, experienced adults can be standing right in the midst of bullying and be clueless. By the time we do see it, it’s often very late and a lot of damage has already been done. How can we identify – and assist – a child who’s a target of bullying? If we’re lucky, other adults …

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New Report Shows More Girls Than Boys Are Bullied In Ontario

A new report released by Canada’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health showed that 15% percent of boys, and a staggering 28% of girls have been victims of cyberbullying. The numbers were even higher for bullying in school, affecting 31% of girls, compared to 26% of boys. The gender imbalance in favor of girls bullying and being …

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