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When Teasing Turns Bad – How Can We Tell?

We use the word “teasing” to describe a full spectrum of behavior, from good-natured, give-and-take banter between close friends to malicious, intentionally hurtful insults hurled at an overweight child about her body size or shape. The second example is clearly bullying, even though we often hear it described and excused as “just teasing”. It’s much easier to …

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What is Bullying, Exactly?

A real problem with bullying prevention is the many “definitions” of bullying. Parents, teachers, all adults working with children, and the children themselves will all benefit from a more consistent definition of where “just kidding” leaves off and bullying begins. Part of the problem is that bullying keeps evolving – our widening understanding of aspects …

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New Report Shows More Girls Than Boys Are Bullied In Ontario

A new report released by Canada’s Centre for Addiction and Mental Health showed that 15% percent of boys, and a staggering 28% of girls have been victims of cyberbullying. The numbers were even higher for bullying in school, affecting 31% of girls, compared to 26% of boys. The gender imbalance in favor of girls bullying and being …

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