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Teen Uses Big Data As A Bullying Prevention Tool

Just when you were thinking the worst of big data – Big Brother, personal records captured and used by government and industry for their own purposes, violation of privacy and civil liberties – we’ve got a great story about using that info for good. Viraj Puri, a 13-year-old (amazing!) from Virginia, has harnessed the power …

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Judge Scott Crichton: Laying Down the Law on Bullying

Judge Scott Crichton sees the problems of bullying from two important perspectives. As a Louisiana judge, he brings his legal perspective. As a father, he brings a personal perspective. He also understands bullying firsthand, having experienced it at boarding school as a teen. “I had to live with a bully for three years at boarding …

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Lessons We MUST Learn From Amanda Todd *Updated*

Lessons we MUST learn from Amanda Todd

15-year-old Amanda Todd from Coquitlam, British Columbia killed herself this week, after several years of terror at the hands of a cyberbully/cyberstalker and merciless, cruel-hearted peer taunting and physical violence at several schools. Now we’re “outraged”, according to an article in the Toronto Star. Where was our outrage WHILE this was happening? Why weren’t we …

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Interview – Hannah Masters

Lorna sat down to talk to Hannah Masters from UKnowKids.com about cyberbullying and smart phones. UKnowKids provides smartphone software that monitors kids’ online activity – email, texting, and Internet use, and alerts parents of suspicious activity.     Click below to listen to the interview:  

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Changes In Behavior Can Indicate That Your Child Is Being Bullied

Well-meaning, experienced adults can be standing right in the midst of bullying and be clueless. By the time we do see it, it’s often very late and a lot of damage has already been done. How can we identify – and assist – a child who’s a target of bullying? If we’re lucky, other adults …

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