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Workplace Bullying: Spotlight On Restaurants

Bullying in restaurants. With the recent popularity of cooking and restaurant shows, we now have daily opportunities to get a tutorial on restaurant bullying from one of the biggest restaurant bullies in the business. Head chef Gordon Ramsay has become notorious for his temper tirades, screaming and swearing at his students and employees, throwing their …

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Upstander Uprising

Here are two stories we loved. Two New Jersey teens were in a Wendy’s when an adult woman customer started yelling at the cashier (that part we didn’t love so much). Kaillee Whiting, 19 and Katie Light, 18, spoke up to defend the cashier. There had been a power outage and the kitchen was struggling …

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Spotlight: Nursing & Bullying

Bullying & Nursing

We’ve had several requests to write a story on bullying in nursing. It’s a hot topic these days – workplace bullying, in general, seems to be escalating. Partly, our awareness has increased, so we’re more aware of bullying behaviors that may previously have been accepted, if not acceptable. As our awareness has increased, so has …

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Bullying Makes Kids Reluctant To Exercise

Are we raising a generation of couch potatoes? Parents say, “All my kid wants to do is sit on the couch and play video games or text on her phone.” Are kids lazy? Or is something else discouraging kids from participating in gym class or outdoor activities? We already know that school bullying often occurs …

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Keeping Minds Healthy: Bullying Prevention Games & More

This week, BullyingEpidemic.com caught up with Katie Robinette, Executive Director of Healthy Minds Canada. Katie’s diverse experience in behind-the-scenes politics and campaigns, coupled with her interests in corporate social responsibility, philanthropy, and mental health, left her eager and well-prepared to step into the job at HMC, a Canadian charity that raises awareness about mental illness …

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