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How Can Parents Put a Stop to a School Hate Club?

We recently received a query through Twitter asking Lorna’s advice about a “hate club”: “What is the best way to approach a situation where a boy starts a hate club against one girl and class joins – teacher’s aware.” That’s a tough issue for any parent to deal with, especially when the teacher is aware …

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No Safe Space: 50,000 Teens Talk About Bullying At School

The Bully Report - 50,000 Teens Talk about Frequent Bullying in Schools

In April of 2012, DoSomething.org partnered with the movie Bully to produce a Facebook app that would allow young people on Facebook to report their bullying experiences at school and share the results. This interactive application required the responses be tied to an existing school, and the school would be graded based on the student’s …

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Is Bullying Increasing Or Are We Just Hearing More About It?

Here is a great question we received on the recent post “Every 7 Minutes A Child is Bullied.” I think this question is so important and so complex, I decided that it should be answered in another post. “Lorna, what I haven’t seen anywhere – and truly don’t have a clue about – is whether …

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