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Workplace Bullying: 15 Tips To Stop It

When you think about workplace safety, you probably imagine construction zones and hard hats. But when we think about it at BullyingEpidemic.com, we have a broader picture in mind – keeping the workplace free of bullies. Sadly, that’s a big job made worse by this tough economy. According to a 2010 survey of more than …

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Bullied Targets: Serious Risk Of (Preventable) Damage

Series: Part 3 of 3 In recent weeks, our close-up lens has focused on how bullying affects the bully and how bullying affects bystanders. Today, let’s look at some shocking (but predictable) ways that bullying affects the target and how adults can stop bullying in its tracks before serious damage occurs. As always, while our …

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Bullying and Bystanders

Series: Part 2 of 3 In our last blog post, we’ve looked at the role of the bully.  In part two of our series, we are going to focus on the biggest part of the bullying problem – the bystanders. The most important idea to remember is this: There are NO innocent bystanders. Bystanders enable …

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How Does Bullying Affect the Bully?

Series: Part 1 of 3 Last week, we looked at the stereotypes of bullies and the real people who end up being bullies. Here’s a question we haven’t asked: How does bullying affect the bully? The effects of bullying on the victim are better known. We tend to give less thought to how the bully might …

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Bullying At School: How To Tell If Your Child’s In Imminent Danger

We get frequent emails from parents in distress, trying to guide their child through severe bullying at school. When a parent worries that their child is in real or imminent danger of physical or emotional abuse, the time to act is NOW! We’ve had a lot of these requests, where the situation is potentially volatile. …

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