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Bullied Targets: Serious Risk Of (Preventable) Damage

Series: Part 3 of 3 In recent weeks, our close-up lens has focused on how bullying affects the bully and how bullying affects bystanders. Today, let’s look at some shocking (but predictable) ways that bullying affects the target and how adults can stop bullying in its tracks before serious damage occurs. As always, while our …

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Bullying: A Pain in the Brain

Need Another Reason To Stop Bullying At Its Earliest Stages? Bullying Can Cause Long-Term Brain Damage Think bullying is just “boys will be boys” or “girls will be girls”, to be endured until high school recedes in the rear view mirror? Think again. Bullying’s effects are felt deeper and stay with us far longer than …

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Why Stronger Anti-Bullying Laws Aren’t The Answer

Anti-bullying laws are like the out-of-bounds markers on a ski hill. They’ll catch you if you go seriously off course, but once you’ve gone that far, the damage is already done. The best line down the hill is considerably inside those markers. With bullying, pushing a child until they “almost” commit suicide might be technically …

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