No Safe Space: 50,000 Teens Talk About Bullying At School

In April of 2012, partnered with the movie Bully to produce a Facebook app that would allow young people on Facebook to report their bullying experiences at school and share the results. This interactive application required the responses be tied to an existing school, and the school would be graded based on the student’s responses.

The app exceeded everyone’s expectations, with more than 183,000 students downloading it as of September, 2012. Of those downloads, the adults who responded and the responses that were not attached to a legitimate school entry were eliminated, leaving over 50,000 responses that were attributed to teens currently in school.

The results were compiled and recorded in The Bully Report. Information from the section of the report entitled “Where does bullying occur most frequently at your school?” was distilled into the infographic below.

Among the startling results: 88% of the teens responding feel that bullying is a problem at their school, and 73% feel that the best way to stop bullying is to intervene when it happens.

Does your school have a bullying problem?  Download a copy of The Bully Report here.


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