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When Teasing Turns Bad – How Can We Tell?

We use the word “teasing” to describe a full spectrum of behavior, from good-natured, give-and-take banter between close friends to malicious, intentionally hurtful insults hurled at an overweight child about her body size or shape. The second example is clearly bullying, even though we often hear it described and excused as “just teasing”. It’s much easier to …

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Bullying: A National Epidemic – Excellent Show from Katie Couric

Katie Couric did an excellent show about the national bullying epidemic last week. Bullying: A National Epidemic, which aired on October, 2, 2012  is the best segment I’ve ever seen on bullying. The segment features Whitney Kropp, who was nominated to her homecoming court as a hoax, and Katie Uffins who feared for her life …

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What is Bullying, Exactly?

A real problem with bullying prevention is the many “definitions” of bullying. Parents, teachers, all adults working with children, and the children themselves will all benefit from a more consistent definition of where “just kidding” leaves off and bullying begins. Part of the problem is that bullying keeps evolving – our widening understanding of aspects …

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Is Bullying Increasing Or Are We Just Hearing More About It?

Here is a great question we received on the recent post “Every 7 Minutes A Child is Bullied.” I think this question is so important and so complex, I decided that it should be answered in another post. “Lorna, what I haven’t seen anywhere – and truly don’t have a clue about – is whether …

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Every 7 Minutes A Child is Bullied

Responding to numerous calls from parents of children being bullied at school, Michigan law firm Buckfire and Buckfire created the infographic below, detailing some shocking bullying statistics in the United States. For example, 280,000 students are physically attacked in secondary schools. Every month. Consider the implications of this statement. First, there are serious psychological consequences …

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