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Frequent Bullying Linked to Lower Test Scores

Frequent bullying is associated with lower test scores

A recent study by researchers at the Curry School of Education suggests that there is a significant impact on the academic performance of students experiencing bullying throughout their high school career. Moreover, the “bullying climate” of a school may be linked to overall student test performance, resulting in lower standardized test scores. In the study, …

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Texas High School Creates Award Winning Anti-Bullying Viral Video

Anti-bullying lip-dub video changes the climate at a Texas high school

The Great American NO BULL Challenge is a student-led National video contest and Teen Video Awards show dedicated to promoting bullying prevention and respect, effecting change in communities and schools using the power of music and film. Each December, students in grades 6-12 have about four months to create a 2 to 5 minute video …

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Do Your Social Media Ads Appear to Support Bullying?

Target, Ticketmaster, and Four Seasons Hotels found their ads on a Facebook page constructed to bully Amanda Todd after her death, spotlighting the lack of control companies have over the content adjacent to their ads when they advertise on social media sites whose content is updated every few seconds. Here’s a story from The Globe …

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Teens Take Musical Action Against Bullying One Note At A Time

Teens write anti-bullying song, "Take A Stand"

Here’s a great example of teens working together to create change – using their unique musical talents to reduce bullying. Sacha Edwards, a 16 year old singer/songwriter (a finalist on Radio Disney’s “Next Big Thing”) teamed up with Parker Forbes, a 14 year old a multi-talented musician (bass, guitar and drums), to create “Take a …

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Take the Anti-Bullying Challenge!

Bullying Prevention Awareness Month is over for this year in the United States. There was an outpouring of articles, observances, interviews, videos and other means of distributing the anti-bullying message during the month of October. There was also coverage of several significant events, especially surrounding the suicide of Amanda Todd. There were many memorial vigils …

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