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Now Available! I’ve Got Your Back

Coming soon from the authors of “Bullying Epidemic: Not Just Child’s Play” and “Billy the Baaadly Behaving Bully Goat”, a new book on bullying prevention for both parents and children. How can you protect children from being bullied? “I’ve Got Your Back: Help Children Say Hello to Friends & Good-Bye to Bullies” will help you teach your child the skills to build positive, respectful friendships and strong, resilient self-esteem.

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The Rise Of The Upstanders

Welcome To Guest Blogger Cheryl Jackson! Cheryl’s long and distinguished career as a journalist (you’ll recognize her most recently as the host of the TVO Parents show) plus her experience and empathy as the mother of three make her an articulate, passionate spokesperson about issues affecting the happiness and wellbeing of all children. Join us …

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If Anti-Bullying Laws Aren’t The Solution, How Can Bullying Be Stopped??

In our recent blog post on Feb 20, 2013, I discussed why stronger anti-bullying laws are not the magic solution to bullying.  Having the laws is a good idea, but the laws only kick in after the damage has been done. So if we cannot rely exclusively on laws, lawmakers, or law enforcement officers to …

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What Is Healthy Self-Esteem In Kids, And Why Is It Important?

Adults have spent much of the past 20 years in a misguided attempt to prop up kids’ self-esteem with over-inflated praise and under-inflated expectations. Self-esteem can only be increased by building confidence and competence, which come from having many real-life opportunities to build skills, struggle to improve, and fail and try again, with the encouraging …

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Take the Anti-Bullying Challenge!

Bullying Prevention Awareness Month is over for this year in the United States. There was an outpouring of articles, observances, interviews, videos and other means of distributing the anti-bullying message during the month of October. There was also coverage of several significant events, especially surrounding the suicide of Amanda Todd. There were many memorial vigils …

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