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Young Volunteers Become Happy Adults

A great way to protect kids from bullying is to get involved with activities that strengthen self-esteem and self-respect. Volunteering is a great place to start. Kids feel good about themselves when they’re doing something good for others. Volunteers (and other kids with strong self-esteem) are more immune to teasing and bullying, less likely to …

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Creativity and Self-Esteem

What do creativity and self-esteem have to do with bullying prevention? A lot. Creativity and self-esteem are directly linked. They’re both essential for problem-solving. And bullying prevention is all about solving problems – from pre-school to the workplace. Targets of bullying suffer from low self-esteem more frequently than bullies themselves. If you want to inoculate …

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What Is Healthy Self-Esteem In Kids, And Why Is It Important?

Adults have spent much of the past 20 years in a misguided attempt to prop up kids’ self-esteem with over-inflated praise and under-inflated expectations. Self-esteem can only be increased by building confidence and competence, which come from having many real-life opportunities to build skills, struggle to improve, and fail and try again, with the encouraging …

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