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Good Reads: Children’s Stories of Acceptance

One of my favorite childhood bedtime books was Gabrielle and Selena by Peter Desbarats. It’s the story of two girls who swap identities. Gabrielle goes to Selena’s home and Selena goes to Gabrielle’s. Their parents go along, calling Gabrielle “Selena” and vice versa. In the end, the girls realize they prefer being their true selves, …

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If Anti-Bullying Laws Aren’t The Solution, How Can Bullying Be Stopped??

In our recent blog post on Feb 20, 2013, I discussed why stronger anti-bullying laws are not the magic solution to bullying.  Having the laws is a good idea, but the laws only kick in after the damage has been done. So if we cannot rely exclusively on laws, lawmakers, or law enforcement officers to …

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Bullying Prevention, Not Suicide Vigils

Columbia, PA residents came together last week for a vigil for Jasmyn Smith, an 11-year-old girl who took her life due to bullying. The 11-year-old died from self-inflicted wounds. According to her family, she choked herself with a belt after being heavily bullied both at school and online for a year and a half. The superintendent of …

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