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New Jersey Anti-Bullying Laws Upheld

Here’s a follow–up story about New Jersey’s new anti-bullying laws, enacted in early 2010, in the wake of the tragic suicide death of Tyler Clementi, a freshman at Rutgers University. Parents from two New Jersey school districts recently challenged the new laws after their elementary school-aged children were disciplined for bullying behavior, in accordance with …

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Do Your Social Media Ads Appear to Support Bullying?

Target, Ticketmaster, and Four Seasons Hotels found their ads on a Facebook page constructed to bully Amanda Todd after her death, spotlighting the lack of control companies have over the content adjacent to their ads when they advertise on social media sites whose content is updated every few seconds. Here’s a story from The Globe …

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Teens Take Musical Action Against Bullying One Note At A Time

Here’s a great example of teens working together to create change – using their unique musical talents to reduce bullying. Sacha Edwards, a 16 year old singer/songwriter (a finalist on Radio Disney’s “Next Big Thing”) teamed up with Parker Forbes, a 14 year old a multi-talented musician (bass, guitar and drums), to create “Take a …

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Bullying: A National Epidemic – Excellent Show from Katie Couric

Katie Couric did an excellent show about the national bullying epidemic last week. Bullying: A National Epidemic, which aired on October, 2, 2012  is the best segment I’ve ever seen on bullying. The segment features Whitney Kropp, who was nominated to her homecoming court as a hoax, and Katie Uffins who feared for her life …

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Bullying Prevention Awareness: October and November Dates

Bullying Prevention Observances in October and November   The months of October and November are busy ones in the world of bullying prevention. We have compiled a handy list of days and observances that promote bullying prevention, and links to websites containing more information. Learn how you can help raise awareness and stop bullying in …

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Bullying Prevention: Be Less Critical

It’s very easy to step over the line into bullying by being hypercritical, especially of athletes, celebrities, or anyone daring to rock the boat, take a stand, be different, or put themselves out there. Christina Pesoli reminds us to put boundaries on our critical natures, and while she’s writing for an audience of parents, her …

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Bullying: It’s All About Respect

Since the first grade, Nadia Ilse’s peers tormented her about her ears sticking out. During a four-hour surgery, a surgeon pinned her ears back, performed work on her jawline, and fixed a deviated septum. The estimated $40,000 surgery was paid for by the Little Baby Face charity (learn more here). While on the surface this donation …

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