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Lessons We MUST Learn From Amanda Todd *Updated*

15-year-old Amanda Todd from Coquitlam, British Columbia killed herself this week, after several years of terror at the hands of a cyberbully/cyberstalker and merciless, cruel-hearted peer taunting and physical violence at several schools. Now we’re “outraged”, according to an article in the Toronto Star. Where was our outrage WHILE this was happening? Why weren’t we …

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Bullying Prevention, Not Suicide Vigils

Columbia, PA residents came together last week for a vigil for Jasmyn Smith, an 11-year-old girl who took her life due to bullying. The 11-year-old died from self-inflicted wounds. According to her family, she choked herself with a belt after being heavily bullied both at school and online for a year and a half. The superintendent of …

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