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Sins Of The Fathers – & Mothers

It’s hard enough to encourage our kids to have good behavior – be kind to others, don’t lie, apologize if you make a mistake or hurt someone, say “please” and “thank you.” How on earth do we shape kids’ respectful, self-disciplined behavior when they’re confronted with a daily barrage of “don’t try this at home” …

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Teen Uses Big Data As A Bullying Prevention Tool

Just when you were thinking the worst of big data – Big Brother, personal records captured and used by government and industry for their own purposes, violation of privacy and civil liberties – we’ve got a great story about using that info for good. Viraj Puri, a 13-year-old (amazing!) from Virginia, has harnessed the power …

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Keeping Minds Healthy: Bullying Prevention Games & More

This week, BullyingEpidemic.com caught up with Katie Robinette, Executive Director of Healthy Minds Canada. Katie’s diverse experience in behind-the-scenes politics and campaigns, coupled with her interests in corporate social responsibility, philanthropy, and mental health, left her eager and well-prepared to step into the job at HMC, a Canadian charity that raises awareness about mental illness …

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Celebrating Some Truly Stand-Up Boys

This time of year is about celebrating light – especially the light within each other. There is darkness out there, but we overcome it the best way we can: Together. So in the spirit of the season, we want to share some stories about young people who truly shine. We promise you – your eyes …

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Lessons We MUST Learn From Amanda Todd *Updated*

15-year-old Amanda Todd from Coquitlam, British Columbia killed herself this week, after several years of terror at the hands of a cyberbully/cyberstalker and merciless, cruel-hearted peer taunting and physical violence at several schools. Now we’re “outraged”, according to an article in the Toronto Star. Where was our outrage WHILE this was happening? Why weren’t we …

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Hockey Violence on Thin Ice

Hockey Hall of Famers Bobby Orr and Ken Dryden are in a faceoff. They’re on opposite sides of the line on hockey violence. Orr says there’s a place for fighting in junior leagues and NHL hockey. He argues that the so-called “enforcers” who draw blood serve as a deterrent to those tempted to injure stars …

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October is National Bullying Prevention Month

Welcome to National Bullying Prevention Month. Let’s move forward, with all adults and kids, to make this our most bully-free year ever – in our homes, schools, workplaces, and communities (including on TV!). Adults must lead the way for kids. Say “no” to bullying. Be an upstander. Behave yourself online. Be kind, especially when someone’s …

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