Bullying Prevention Tips for the New Year

Bullying prevention specialist Lorna Blumen and the BullyingEpidemic.com team have tools to stop bullying in its tracks. The bullying prevention guidelines we set at the beginning of school can reduce the time spent on discipline for the entire year. January’s a great time to press the “re-set” button on a new term. The benefits: fewer discipline …

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The 10 Commandments of Social Media Use

By Guest Blogger: Anne Rucchetto Online socializing has become an integral part of daily life, for everyone from elementary school kids to retired seniors. We can socialize and connect online in ways that are more available, accessible, and varied than ever. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr provide a platform for our thoughts and …

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When Adults Are To Blame

What happens when the bully of a teen is not a peer but instead an adult who should know better? A teen reader recently asked us for help dealing with constant put-downs from the mother of another teen in one of her after-school activities. What can a teen to do to stop the bad behavior of an adult?

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Workplace Bullying: Spotlight On Restaurants

Bullying in restaurants. With the recent popularity of cooking and restaurant shows, we now have daily opportunities to get a tutorial on restaurant bullying from one of the biggest restaurant bullies in the business. Head chef Gordon Ramsay has become notorious for his temper tirades, screaming and swearing at his students and employees, throwing their …

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Sins Of The Fathers – & Mothers

It’s hard enough to encourage our kids to have good behavior – be kind to others, don’t lie, apologize if you make a mistake or hurt someone, say “please” and “thank you.” How on earth do we shape kids’ respectful, self-disciplined behavior when they’re confronted with a daily barrage of “don’t try this at home” …

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Upstander Uprising

Here are two stories we loved. Two New Jersey teens were in a Wendy’s when an adult woman customer started yelling at the cashier (that part we didn’t love so much). Kaillee Whiting, 19 and Katie Light, 18, spoke up to defend the cashier. There had been a power outage and the kitchen was struggling …

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Spotlight: Nursing & Bullying

Bullying & Nursing

We’ve had several requests to write a story on bullying in nursing. It’s a hot topic these days – workplace bullying, in general, seems to be escalating. Partly, our awareness has increased, so we’re more aware of bullying behaviors that may previously have been accepted, if not acceptable. As our awareness has increased, so has …

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