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Good Reads: Children’s Stories of Acceptance

One of my favorite childhood bedtime books was Gabrielle and Selena by Peter Desbarats. It’s the story of two girls who swap identities. Gabrielle goes to Selena’s home and Selena goes to Gabrielle’s. Their parents go along, calling Gabrielle “Selena” and vice versa. In the end, the girls realize they prefer being their true selves, …

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When Sibling Rivalry Gets Ugly

If you have the average 2.2 children, you probably have 2.2 times the interfamily conflict: a.k.a. sibling rivalry. Those of us with siblings all have stories to tell – for better or worse. My brother and I got along pretty well, mainly because he’s seven years younger and spent most of his childhood outside. My …

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The Far-Reaching Power of Forgiveness

When I was In Grade 2, my classmate David punched me in the stomach. Another classmate named David taunted me on my walks home from school. My parents spoke with taunting David’s parents, who apologized to me on their son’s behalf. I wasn’t convinced. I harbored bitterness for decades, including an irrational suspicion of boys …

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The Weight of the World on Heavyset Kids

When it comes to discrimination, we’ve usually got a name for it: racism, sexism, homophobia, hate crime. But there’s another form of discrimination so much a part of our society that we don’t see it for what it is. Researchers now have a name for it. Weight-Based Victimization: bullying kids (and adults) because they’re overweight. …

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How Does Bullying Affect the Bully?

Series: Part 1 of 3 Last week, we looked at the stereotypes of bullies and the real people who end up being bullies. Here’s a question we haven’t asked: How does bullying affect the bully? The effects of bullying on the victim are better known. We tend to give less thought to how the bully might …

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Steubenville: What We Need To Teach Our Kids

The emotional wreckage from the Steubenville rape case will continue – for those at the epicenter, directly involved in the tragedy, and radiating outward, for all of us shocked and saddened by the behavior and the damage done by and to the children on both sides of this terrible story. As parents, we wonder, “Could …

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Girls’ Respect Groups: A Great Way to Build Respect in Your Kids

In our last post, we discussed the connection between bullying and respect.  But how do we keep kids grounded in respect? It’s a building process, unfortunately, not as simple as paying kids excessive compliments or giving everyone participation trophies for sports events. To build self-respect, kids must have many chances to build their competence and …

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