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Preventing Bullying – One Recess at a Time

Here’s a great article on building empathy and creating the expectation in kids’ and adults’ minds of an inclusive, care-taking environment.   http://www.thestar.com/news/article/1122916–porter-brock-university-professor-tries-to-stop-bullying-by-changing-recess-in-st-catharines-schools

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Lorna Discusses “Bullying Epidemic: Not Just Child’s Play” on TVO Parents

TVOParents featured Lorna’s discussion of “Bullying Epidemic: Not Just Child’s Play“ on November 23, 2011. In this interview, Lorna stressed that bullying isn’t just a schoolyard problem, but a reflection of broader societal values that foster bullying. TVO Parents, an interactive online community offering expert advice, news and the latest research on early-years education issues, …

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