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The 10 Commandments of Social Media Use

By Guest Blogger: Anne Rucchetto Online socializing has become an integral part of daily life, for everyone from elementary school kids to retired seniors. We can socialize and connect online in ways that are more available, accessible, and varied than ever. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr provide a platform for our thoughts and …

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Sins Of The Fathers – & Mothers

It’s hard enough to encourage our kids to have good behavior – be kind to others, don’t lie, apologize if you make a mistake or hurt someone, say “please” and “thank you.” How on earth do we shape kids’ respectful, self-disciplined behavior when they’re confronted with a daily barrage of “don’t try this at home” …

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Bullying Makes Kids Reluctant To Exercise

Are we raising a generation of couch potatoes? Parents say, “All my kid wants to do is sit on the couch and play video games or text on her phone.” Are kids lazy? Or is something else discouraging kids from participating in gym class or outdoor activities? We already know that school bullying often occurs …

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Keeping Minds Healthy: Bullying Prevention Games & More

This week, BullyingEpidemic.com caught up with Katie Robinette, Executive Director of Healthy Minds Canada. Katie’s diverse experience in behind-the-scenes politics and campaigns, coupled with her interests in corporate social responsibility, philanthropy, and mental health, left her eager and well-prepared to step into the job at HMC, a Canadian charity that raises awareness about mental illness …

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Bully or Leader – Where’s The Line?

What would you do if another mother described your 6-yr-old daughter as a bully? When mother and writer Ritu Shannon was confronted with this situation, she was confused and concerned. Shannon talked to her daughter’s teacher and was reassured when the teacher confirmed that her daughter is kindhearted, and something more: a leader. Writing about …

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Young Volunteers Become Happy Adults

A great way to protect kids from bullying is to get involved with activities that strengthen self-esteem and self-respect. Volunteering is a great place to start. Kids feel good about themselves when they’re doing something good for others. Volunteers (and other kids with strong self-esteem) are more immune to teasing and bullying, less likely to …

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Damages: Bullying’s Long-Term Effects

You’d think a bullied child or teen has enough to deal with in the present, but new research shows that bullying can impact their lives well into the future – both legally and psychologically. Kids who are bullied repeatedly more likely to become bullies themselves, AND they’re also more likely to end up becoming criminals …

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