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Bullying Prevention: Start The School Year Off Right! Tip #1

The new school year is an opportunity for parents and teachers to put fresh emphasis on bullying prevention by supporting the development of healthy social groups and friendships. Here are some daily tips for getting the school year off to a good start. These “press the reset button” ground rules also work well at the …

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Take a STAND Against Bullying

Our friends at BullyProof.org have developed 5 steps kids can take if they’re being picked on or bullied. These steps can also help prevent kids from being bullied. Each of the steps begins with a letter of the word STAND. This acronym can help you remember the 5 steps. Source: http://www.bullyproof.org/bullyproof_stand.php    

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Every 7 Minutes A Child is Bullied

Responding to numerous calls from parents of children being bullied at school, Michigan law firm Buckfire and Buckfire created the infographic below, detailing some shocking bullying statistics in the United States. For example, 280,000 students are physically attacked in secondary schools. Every month. Consider the implications of this statement. First, there are serious psychological consequences …

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