Bullying Prevention: Start The School Year Off Right! Tip #13

The new school year is an opportunity for parents and teachers to put fresh emphasis on bullying prevention by supporting the development of healthy social groups and friendships.

Here are some daily tips for getting the school year off to a good start. These “press the reset button” ground rules also work well at the start of a new semester or outside school hours – for after-school teams or group activities. They work at home, too – anytime you want to clear the air and start fresh.

We’ll post a new tip each day, adding to our bullying prevention “toolkit”. Check back daily!

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20 Tips For Bully-Free Schools – Tip #13

Rotate School Groups & Sports Teams.

Too often we let students choose their own project groups and sports teams, and the same students get chosen – and not chosen. Teachers and coaches can prevent this by stating up front that everyone must get a chance to work with everyone else and that teams and groups will be chosen by numbering off. This encourages new friendships and prevents team and group selection from being a popularity contest.


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