Meet Lizzie – Powerful, Inspirational Message about Withstanding Bullying

Have you “met” Lizzie Velasquez? She was born with a rare medical condition where she has no adipose tissue on her body (she weighs 60 lbs. as a young adult). She has been called “the world’s ugliest woman” and been mercilessly bullied.

Her “It Gets Better” video about withstanding bullying is quite powerful, and the opposite philosophy of the girl who recently had plastic surgery to stop being bullied:



I’ll confess that her appearance made me uncomfortable at first, but I found Lizzy’s message to be extra powerful because of the unexpected combination of her looks, warm personality and mature perspective. Watching her video stopped me in my tracks and challenged several prejudices and “judging” attitudes I’m not prone to acknowledging.

I’m a fine artist and website designer, and seeing Lizzie’s video made me more fully realize just how visual I am and how much value I place on everything being “pretty”. This was an unexpected opportunity to confront my own biases and realize that while they serve me well in my professional life, those biases don’t necessarily serve me well elsewhere. Lizzie’s video is undeniable proof that you can’t judge the value of a book by its cover. It’s also a powerful reminder that it’s never OK to denigrate someone – even, and especially, for something, like their looks, that they don’t have the power to change.

Learn more about Lizzie at her website:

Her videos as especially enlightening:!videos/c1dul

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  1. Thank you for this video. She is amazing!

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